The new generation of music marketing begins here.

The Sound Consultants supports the vision of creating an affordable environment for musicians to develop and maintain growth, whilst providing sound advice for all. Successful campaigns, diversity & inclusion fuel our purpose.

We live marketing decisions and use deep learning to ensure our decisions are data-driven. Digital marketing matters and our approach brings a true paradigm shift.

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What successful campaigns are right for you?


Driving growth across followers, streams and algorithmic playlists.

Google Ads

For both YouTube and SEO Optimisation.

Meta (Social) Ads

For all campaigns across Facebook and Instagram.


Focussing on both influencers and assistance in driving followers/views/engagement.


Whether it’s triggering algorithmic playlists through ads, third-party playlisting or editorial pitching/consultations, we are the ones for you.

Editorial (Apple/Spotify)

In addition to free consultations, we can also assist with editorial pitching (subject to approval)


Our exterior industry connections comprise of a wide range of PR and influencer agencies across Europe/US/UK.

Social Media Managers/Sound Engineers/Producers

If interior industry assistance is needed pre-release, we strive to make the right connections for all clients.

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